Impersonation Disclaimer

Impersonation Disclaimer

CatWalk Pros Model Management

CatWalk Pros Model Management is committed to protecting the safety, personal information, images, and well-being of models and those wanting to become a model. Please be aware that there are individuals who may try to prey on your modeling ambitions by impersonating representatives of our agency or other modeling organizations. Such imposters may contact you directly; you should follow certain precautions, including:

• Be cautious of interactions with individuals who contact you online through social media or via email. CatWalk Pros Model Management will only contact you through a social media application or through email with an CatWalk Pros Model Management domain, such as @catwalkprosmodelmanagement or @catwalkpros official Instagram

• You should always independently verify the identity of any individual claiming to be a representative of CatWalk Pros or verify the accuracy of any communication that you receive from CatWalk Pros by calling us at 786-501-1129 or email If you believe you have been contacted by someone impersonating an CatWalk Pros representative, please contact our offices immediately as your first step before responding or sharing any personal information.


CatWalk Pros was established in 2012 by Founder/CEO Sandra Ward. With over 30 years’ experience in the Fashions industry.

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